Monday, August 5, 2019

LGB Klaus ---- in Google

Last year Klaus got a call from GoDaddy, his web page provider. The information was you either change your web page from the standard of 2011 when it was first published or it will be canceled for good. Technology had simply put its stamp on it and the base it was written on was completely outdated.
They gave Klaus a choice. Rewrite it within a week to the new standard which will be available to you at no charge for this time frame. And so he did. It was a busy 'week' to say the least. Then - it was done. Except for one little tiny matter. To build a library of search words so that when a person out there looks for stuff about LGB Klaus' web page would come up on Google. TrainCraft by Klaus that is.

Easily said................Now Klaus was putting in all the search words he could thing of. First and foremost LGB, then all sorts of words for model trains. And so on. Then trying it out how it worked. Then redoing the library. Then using the web page builder algorithm. And go figure; it worked!!

But Google has their own way of putting information into search logic. And thus a search term was born that Klaus could have never invented himself - even if he tried hard!
LGB Klaus
Now - all of you who have been around the block for a few decades do remember LGB Hans, the store owner of Gold Coast Station/CA. Klaus would have NEVER chosen something so eerily similar to a search term with that kind of history to it. But Google doesn't give a dime about history, relationships, achievements or contexts. It is pure mathematics, algorithms.

There! Type 'LGB Klaus' into Google and see what comes up: TrainCraft by Klaus and all his blogs! There you have it. Whenever you like to see what is new at Klaus just type in LGB Klaus and the whole smorgasbord of Old LGB opens up before you.
desktop image, mobile will look different

Now you ask - and what else is new? Well, get ready for some really big NEWS. Always wanted a Klaus 101? Just you and him? Now you can! Go to Klaus 101 and see.
Ready to call Klaus for reservations?! GO!

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